Updated: 02/16/2012
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Together, the Long Trail Guide and Day Hiker's Guide to Vermont describe nearly all of Vermont's hiking trails. In the Long Trail Guide, you will find detailed maps and descriptions of the Long Trail System and the Appalachian Trail in Vermont, suggested hikes, shelter details, public campgrounds near the trail, and snowshoeing and skiing suggestions. The Day Hiker's Guide to Vermont describes more than 150 trails to mountains, scenic ponds and waterfalls, and nature trails in the Green Mountains.  FAQ's about the Long Trail







Mud Season  Did you know that Vermont has a 5th season?  Mud Season occurs every year in late fall & early Spring when the rain starts falling and the ground stays wet.  When hikers repeatedly walk on saturated trails, they cause irreversible erosion and damage to the trail itself and the surrounding vegetation.  Please help us preserve our trails for future generations by following the Mud Season guidelines and sticking to the suggested Mud Season hikes!  Mud Season Alternative Hikes



Winter  Winter is a beautiful time of year in Vermont and we encourage everyone stay active!  But extra caution must be exercised as weather can be unpredictable, especially at higher elevations.  Please follow these guidelines for winter hiking in order to have a successful and exhilarating outdoor winter adventure.  Winter Guidelines

Hikes by Region  Enjoy all the beauty that Vermont has to offer!  Whether you are just visiting or are a native Vermonter, these hikes will set you on the path to exploring and appreciating the natural surroundings of this great state.  For a larger listing of hikes with detailed descriptions and directions to trailheads we suggest our Long Trail Guide or Day Hiker’s Guide to Vermont. Hikes by Region

If you are planning a longer section hike and need transportation assistance we suggest our End-to-Ender's Guide as a resource.  Volunteer shuttle drivers and public transportation options are listed in this guide.

Long Trail FAQ's

Winter on the Long Trail FAQ's

End-to-Ender FAQ's


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